REBBL, an organic and plant-powered functional beverage brand, introduced its newest addition to the Revive lineup: REBBL Revive Reishi Vanilla.

This revitalizing blend of coconut milk, real Tahitian vanilla, and adaptogenic reishi mushroom extract is ideal for recovery, balance and immune support, the company says.

As part of the REBBL Revive lineup, Revive Reishi Vanilla is formulated to elevate well-being and support the body’s ability to cope with stress through 200 mg of adaptogenic reishi mushroom, a revered ingredient in ancient Eastern herbalism known as the “Divine Mushroom of Immortality,” it says. The Revive line is formulated to complement routines centered on rejuvenation and revitalization, the company notes. 

Packaged in a 12-ounce ready-to-drink bottle, REBBL Revive Reishi Vanilla is available to purchase for $4.99 in-store and online at Target.