Global technology and engineering company Emerson recently launched a compact valve position indicator. The indicator, called the TopWorx DVR Switchbox, is an entry-level addition to the DV Series of valve position indicators, and is engineered for quick and easy commissioning, the company says. Combining a durable resin enclosure, compact size and a patented cam design, it provides food and beverage production lines with a reliable valve position feedback tool, it adds. The Switchbox uses a low-profile indication, which provides easy-to-read local position feedback. The data retrieved is in real-time and can help technicians and plant operators keep processes on target, the company notes. With stainless-steel components, the Switchbox is engineered for harsh environments and provides a reliable, corrosion-resistant valve indication solution that keeps customer processes running smoothly. The feedback of valve positioning is both clear and highly reliable, helping process industry plants, platforms and pipelines operate with peak efficiency and safety, without taking up additional production line footprint, the company says. The cam design allows for swift position configuration for faster, easier installation and maintenance, and is well-suited for confined spaces, it notes. Additionally, the enclosure has an ultraviolet (UV) F1 rating, providing UV resistance that ensures the DVR performs reliably over long-term outdoor conditions. 

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