Natalie's Orchid Island Juice Co. announced the introduction of two tomato-centric blends: Red Tomato Reishi and Green Tomato Lion's Mane. 

To recognize and celebrate red and green tomato varieties, Natalie’s created two fresh-pressed tomato juices that provide a clean source of hydration and support the entire wellness ecosystem, it says. These blends each harness the power of thoughtfully sourced adaptogenic ingredients, alongside carefully selected non-GMO produce, it adds.

“The introduction of our Red Tomato Reishi and Green Tomato Lion’s Mane juice blends furthers our mission of providing a source of optimal nourishment to families nationwide,” said Natalie Sexton, chief marketing officer for Natalie’s Juice, in a statement. “Tomatoes are a nutritional powerhouse that are light, refreshing and low in calories, and when juiced delicately, produce a phenomenal quality product. In a category that is saturated with over-processed options, we wanted to provide the consumer with an authentic experience of how tomato juice should taste, while mindfully selecting functional mushrooms to add to it for their adaptogenic properties.”

 Marygrace Sexton, founder and CEO of Natalie’s Juice, added: “Today’s consumers are searching for products that offer a holistic approach to their overall well-being. We have gained consumer’s trust over the decades by staying true to our promise of meticulously crafting products from the highest quality ingredients. By introducing adaptogens, like lion’s mane mushrooms, reishi mushrooms and ashwagandha, to our juice blends, we’re delivering our consumers a new take on nostalgic juice blends that takes a whole-body approach to nourishment.”

Both Red Tomato Reishi and Green Tomato Lion’s Mane are available to order online by visiting the company’s website and can be purchased at Kroger, King Soopers, Fry’s, Ralphs, Smith’s, Fred Meyer and QFC nationwide.