Belvedere Vodka unveiled Belvedere 10, a vodka encased in a striking, sculpted bottle.

This singular spirit is a statement of opulence that delivers liquid brilliance, the company says. Belvedere 10 is exceptionally rare and is crafted from the single harvest of one rye field alone, it notes. 

The bottle stands at 10 levels tall, in tribute to the liquid’s 10-step creation process, the company says. The white hue reflects the spirit’s purity, while its chiseled facets give a diamond-like sparkle — a nod to the precious organic Diamond Rye used to make the spirit, it adds. 

Paying tribute to Belvedere’s origins, Belvedere 10 is inspired by the vodka making process used in 1910 when the distillery was first established. That recipe has now been remastered for a new generation, the company says. The quest for perfection has led Belvedere’s expert’s distillers to specify the very best ingredients, conditions, and production process — one rye, one farm, one field, one harvest, it adds.

“With Belvedere 10, taste, vision and mastery collide in one flawless performance,” said Francois Xavier Desplancke, president and CEO of Belvedere Vodka, in a statement. “Capturing the unedited, uncompromising mood of modern culture, Belvedere 10 and its stunning bottle are simplistic in its purity, yet architecturally magnificent. From field to bottle, the rare organic Diamond Rye shines through every single step behind the creation of this opulent liquid.”

The 40% ABV Belvedere 10 will be available in select U.S. markets this October, available to purchase on retail shelves and at high-end nightclubs, restaurants, and bars in California, Florida, Metro New York and Nevada for a suggested retail price of $150 off-premise, $950 on-menus.