Southbound Tequila, an all-occasion premium tequila made from 100% blue agave announced its launch in Tennessee and Florida and nationwide online.

Recipe Developer CEO and co-founder Ivey Childers spent 15 years creating tequila-based cocktail recipes, but found the tequila selection process to be complicated, the company notes. Childers was looking for a well-balanced tequila profile to complement her cocktails, but never landed on the right profile, so she ventured southbound to Jalisco, Mexico, and consulted distillers to rediscover the perfect sip, it says.

“My journey with launching a tequila brand is about rediscovery. A tequila’s flavor profile matters significantly when mixing it in a cocktail,” Childers said in a statement. “I grew tired of blindly selecting a tequila, so with Southbound, we’re offering a premium, all-occasion tequila — great for mixing and sipping.  Southbound is all about elevating your experience with tequila. I’m rediscovering the category and taking the guesswork out of choosing a tequila with our mindfully made expressions.”

Southbound is clean and authentic, available in three expressions: Blanco, Reposado and Añejo, it notes. The ladder two expressions are both aged in Tennessee whiskey barrels, which pays tribute to Childers’ roots in Nashville, Tenn., it says.

Southbound can be purchased in-store in select markets and available online for purchase at the company’s website with nationwide shipping to 34 additional states.