Mom Water, co-founded by Jill and Bryce Morrison, announced the official launch of its newest offering: Dad Water.

Dad Water comes in four, non-carbonated, fruit-infused Tequila water flavors, each with a unique name and persona: Tom, Lime and Tequila; Steve, Grapefruit and Tequila; Rodney, Blood Orange and Tequila; and Gary, Pineapple Jalapeno and Tequila.

Three of the personality-driven cans have been named for the dads of the founders, with the fourth inspired by Dad Water’s community on social media, the company notes. The brand ties together playful nostalgia with premium ingredients while paying tribute to dads everywhere, it says.

“Our team has worked incredibly hard to bring Dad Water to life, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with our fans,” said Bryce Morrison, co-founder and CEO of Mom Water. “The personas we’ve created and flavor profiles hit just right with tequila. After two record years of Mom Water, we’re thrilled to bring Dad to the party.”

Dad Water’s light all-natural fruit flavors pair well with tequila, the company says. Designed to drink smoothly like still water, all Dad Water labels contain no artificial sweeteners or preservatives, and are naturally gluten-free, it adds.

At a 5.25% ABV, Dad Water is sold in eight-can variety packs featuring two of each flavor in ready-to-drink 12-ounce standard cans. Dad Water now is available for direct-to-consumer pre-orders and can be purchased at select retailers throughout Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Missouri. Additional markets will be added in the coming months, it says.