In line with its 10th anniversary, aloe-liqueur brand Chareau launched a new packaging design. The design features a slimmer, lighter and more ergonomic shape. The glass bottle is 33% lighter in weight, it adds. 

“The journey from our humble beginnings in my home kitchen to some of the largest resorts and retailers in the country has been incredible,” said Kurt Charron, founder and CEO of Chareau, in a statement. “Bartender and consumer demand is growing by the day with sales on pace for 70% growth [year-over-year] and 400% growth since 2020. Chareau is a key ingredient in a variety of cocktails, but the Aloe Margarita is what has driven recent volume growth, replacing the skinny margarita both on and off-premise in our key markets. To top it all off, we have beautiful and sustainable new packaging launching this month. It’s an exciting time for Chareau and there is more to come.”