The Coca-Cola Co., Atlanta, announced the launch of Coca-Cola Flex powered by Freestyle, a new beverage dispenser that offers an enhanced guest experience while reducing operational complexity. 

With more than 40 beverage choices available in the same footprint as standard six-valve fountain dispensers, Coca-Cola Flex combines the benefits of traditional fountain dispensers with the innovation and variety offered by Coca-Cola Freestyle. The next-generation dispenser is debuting at the 2023 National Restaurant Association Show on May 19 in Chicago.

“Beverages are accelerating in importance as a trip driver within the foodservice channel, and consumers are increasingly searching for more variety, especially Gen Z,” said Megan Tallman, group director of Coca-Cola Freestyle and Foodservice Innovation, in a statement. “By offering more beverage variety, Coca-Cola Flex enables operators to capture previously untapped revenue from 30% of consumers who would add a beverage to their order if their desired category were available.” 

Coca-Cola conducted two rounds of consumer testing and then worked with several customers and bottling partners to understand which features and benefits would optimize the fountain occasion. With its sleek design, user-friendly interface, cutting-edge technology and more than 40 beverage choices, Coca-Cola Flex creates an exciting beverage-pouring experience for foodservice guests. In addition to providing a simple installation and maintenance for operators, features of the front-of-house dispenser include:

    PurePour Technology: Coca-Cola Flex uses carefully crafted recipes with micro-dosing pumps and proprietary PurePour™ technology to dispense the proper ingredients at the point of pour. The result is quality, fresh beverages from every pour. 

    New Design: The new dispenser boasts a 15-inch HD touchscreen display for smoother navigation and an engaging consumer experience. 

    Improved Crew Operations: Using and maintaining the Flex is easier than ever with a new user-friendly interface, easier access to inventory alerts, quicker diagnostics and improved ergonomics. The small, eco-friendly SmartPAK cartridges are easy to change and take up less space than the traditional bag-in-box syrup.

    Beverage Variety Diners Love: The Flex offers more than 40 beverages across six categories and nine beloved Coca-Cola brands, including more than 23 low- and no-calorie options and over 25 caffeine-free choices.

The full commercial launch is slated for Q1 2024. This is the latest innovation from The Coca-Cola Company, which has a legacy of innovating to meet consumer needs.