Sprecher Brewing Co. and Ardagh Glass Packaging – North America (AGP – North America), a business of Ardagh Group, announced a supply agreement where AGP – North America will continue to manufacture all of Sprecher’s glass beer and beverage bottles, including the recently redesigned custom 16-ounce glass bottle.

Utilizing the Vision4GlassSM approach, the Sprecher Brewing Co. team collaborated directly with AGP – North America’s product design team to refresh its custom glass bottle. Using a sculptured embossing process, Ardagh was able to bring the true spirit and feel of family with an updated and enlarged embossed shoulder decoration of the family name.

The partnership continues the connection between Milwaukee’s original craft brewery and Ardagh’s Burlington, Wis., glass manufacturing facility, helping to keep the brewery's commitment to stay local and sustainable.

“In today’s world, people want an affordable indulgence ― a special experience they can share with family and friends at parties and special events,” said Sharad Chadha, President and CEO of Sprecher Brewing Co., in a statement. “Sprecher’s craft sodas deliver this in an attractive, custom 16-ounce glass bottle ― a staple of our brand. The high-quality glass bottles provide premium shelf appeal, and a vessel for locking in freshness to protect the taste and flavor of our products. Sprecher truly represents happiness in a bottle.”

Rush Markan, vice president of beer and beverage for AGP – North America, added: “Ardagh Glass Packaging is proud to partner with Sprecher Brewing Co. to provide consumers with high-quality, American-made glass beer and beverage bottles while helping the brewery meet their brand and sustainability goals.”