19 Crimes released the limited-edition Revolutionary Blend wine. This Syrah-based, stout-style red blend features flavors of coffee, caramel and roasted malt, the company says. This bottle was created just for St. Patrick’s Day featuring John Devoy, one of 19 Crimes most notorious rogues, it adds. 

The limited-edition bottle is special to the 19 Crimes family for the rich history of Devoy’s life. Devoy was part of the Irish Republican brotherhood and the mastermind behind a daring prison escape in Australian history known as Catalpa Rescue in which six Irish prisoners escaped, including some other members of the 19 Crimes crew.

19 Crimes Franchise Global Vice President John Wardley stated: “We are happy to drop a limited-edition bottle to feature John Devoy and find a unique way to tell his story this St. Patrick’s Day. We continue to celebrate those in the 19 Crimes family for their rich history of boldness, like John Devoy, Snoop Dogg, and Martha Stewart.”