Pallini, one of Rome’s oldest and most renowned creators of Limoncello, announced the launch of its first zero-proof Limoncello: Pallini Limonzero.

Made with the same renowned Sfusato lemons from the Amalfi Coast, Pallini Limonzero is ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy the delicious taste of a Limoncello cocktail without experiencing the effects of alcohol, it says.

With non-alcohol spirits sales on the rise, by adding Limonzero to its portfolio of liqueurs, Pallini sets out to tap into the growing market of drinkers who occasionally choose a non-alcohol drink, it notes.

“We are very proud to bring [our] first ever non-alcoholic Limoncello to the U.S. We worked on this recipe during the toughest days of the Covid-19 lockdown in Italy,” said Micaela Pallini, president and CEO of Pallini, in a statement. “It became one of the projects that helped us to stay positive during those difficult days. When so many were turning to alcohol, we set out to create an equally festive healthier alternative.

“Pallini Limonzero delivers the same fresh lemon zesty flavor of our traditional Limoncello, but without the alcohol, creating a refreshing drink that can be enjoyed neat, fresh from the fridge, or mixed with non-alcoholic sparkling wine for a zero proof spritz,” Pallini continues.

Pallini Limonzero retails for $19.99 for a 500-ml bottle, available at the company’s website and for a limited time while supplies last.