The Clearly Food & Beverage Co. Ltd., Richmond Hill, Ontario, producer of the Clearly Canadian line of premium flavored sparkling waters, announced that it has shipped more than 50 million bottles of its all-natural sparkling water beverages since its large-scale commercial production reintroduction in 2017.

Fueled by a fan-led online crowd-funding campaign, the cross-border cultural staple of the ‘90s made a comeback led by its beloved consumers. The demand for the iconic glass bottles exceeded all expectations and has only continued to grow, the company says. To date, the Clearly Canadian distribution footprint has increased to more than 15,000 retailers across North America, as well as expanded its online Amazon business to more than 3,000 cases a month.

“The affinity and loyalty our fans have for Clearly Canadian never ceases to amaze us. Shipping 50 million bottles since 2017 surpassed our expectations and it’s all thanks to our loyal fan base and retail partners,” said CEO Paul Tepperman in a statement. “The continuous demand for our core product, ‘Originals,’ as well as our ‘Clearly Sparkling’ premium sparkling mineral water, which is bottled at source at one of the most awarded springs in Canada and one of the most awarded in the world, is what fuels Clearly Canadian to grow and innovate. The recent return of ‘Summer Strawberry,’ the No. 1 most requested flavor by our fans, is our first launch of our long-term innovation agenda.”

Summer Strawberry by Clearly Canadian, launched as a permanent offering in the “Originals” premium sparkling water beverage lineup in January. This was the first new flavor launch for the company in almost four years. After receiving an overwhelming amount of customer demand and selling thousands of cases in a limited batch distribution during the summer of 2022, the flavor has been added back to the permanent lineup. Clearly Canadian Summer Strawberry was the top-scoring flavor in research and the No. 1 velocity total distribution point ($/TDP) rank of innovation with a major U.S. retailer, with strong desire from fans and retailers, according to the company.

The brand will add additional offerings to their core lineup this summer, providing more flavor options for consumers. 

“With these exciting product launches, we are continuing to expand Clearly Canadian’s current channels to reach wider audiences. Our goal is to reclaim our historical position as North America’s leading premium alternative beverage brand – the brand of choice for conscious consumers who know that Clearly Canadian's company ethos permeates through every aspect of the brand,” Tepperman said. “We have more exciting innovation news to come this summer.”

Both Clearly Canadian Originals and Clearly Sparkling are available online and at major retailers.