NOBLELIFT North America announced its designed FE4P50Q-70Q Lithium-Iron Phosphate Forklifts, featuring highly efficient, durable lithium-iron forklifts, are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. With front/rear axles and chassis engineered to be durable like an internal combustion engine (ICE) forklift, this machine has all the advantages of lithium-ion, it says. The AC drive technology allows for the achievement of high performance at low costs of operating and maintenance, it notes. The easily operated lifts have great visibility due to the mast layout, which is optimized for a wide view and clear visibility while operating, the company says. Features like the ergonomically designed LED display, which provides status information like driving direction and speed, allow for smooth truck operation, it adds. The steering axle has a shock mitigation system that is designed to both protect the vehicle and prolong its service life, while also giving the operator comfort while driving, according to the company. The FE4P50Q-70Q forklifts have a 20,000 hours, or 10 year, warranty on the lithium-iron battery used in the truck. The trucks use lithium-iron phosphate batteries, which are the longest-lasting and safest lithium-iron battery available, it says. These batteries are fully charged within two to three hours, and the batteries can be charged during user breaks or shift changes. 

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