Industrial mixing and blending equipment producer ROSS recently revealed the Vertical Blender. With a design that mixes reliably and gently, it can blend friable solids, abrasive materials and shear-sensitive products, the company says. This new blender consists of a low-speed auger that orbits the periphery of a conical vessel, while gently lifting material upward, it adds. Because of this motion, product from the top of the batch will mix with materials being drawn upwards by the auger. The steep angle of the blender provides efficient blending for batches as small as 10% of maximum capacity, as well as a speedy discharge of the material when it is finished blending. The company’s design, which requires no bearings or packing glands in the product zone, promotes 100% discharge and is easy to maintain while minimizing the risk of contamination, according to the company. ROSS says that both solid blends and wet applications routinely can be mixed in the blender. It can be jacketed for heating or cooling, making it a versatile machine. Heated materials within the Vertical Blender, when paired with vacuum conditions, can be quickly dried. The blender ranges in size, with models made for lab scale to full-production. 

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