Des Moines, Iowa-based Kemin Industries, a global ingredient manufacturer, announced the launch of Luxiva hemp CBD distillates. The line includes two hemp CBD distillates that are farmed and produced in America’s heartland and are United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)-certified organic, it says. “The Kemin team is excited to announce that Luxiva hemp CBD distillates are now available to help our customers elevate their health and wellness innovation products. Kemin ingredients are made in facilities with third-party GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification and products that conform to the law and requirements governing hemp to help customers get new products to market quickly,” said Tyler Holstein, global product manager at Kemin Human Nutrition and Health, in a statement. “They provide the added benefit of certification by a credible source —something that CBD consumers look for when making their purchase decisions.”

Florida Food Products (FFP), Eustis, Fla. announced its agreement to acquire Vista, Calif.-based Javo Beverage Co. "We’re ecstatic for Javo to join the FFP platform,” said Jim Holdrieth, CEO of FFP, in a statement. “Javo’s best-in-class products are supported by a talented team and unique manufacturing capabilities that will drive a series of innovative new product launches. As part of the FFP family, we’re confident that Javo can offer our customers compelling new solutions that build on our deep portfolio of clean label ingredients.” FFP has multiple channels of business. Focused on clean-label solutions, including replacing synthetic chemicals used in food manufacturing with more natural products, FFP’s taste business entails extracting flavors from vegetables and fruits used in the beverage market. It also extracts functional molecules from vegetables to replace synthetic molecules that are used in the meat industry, it says.

Muskegon, Mich.-based HyVida Brands and OneCircle, Den Helder, the Netherlands, teamed up to launch HyJacked, a patented method for infusing hydrogen into almost any KeyKeg-packaged beverage.  “With the KeyKeg collaboration, my vision for hydrogen-infused beverages has now spanned well beyond the health benefits of molecular hydrogen gas,” said Rick Smith, co-founder and CEO of HyVida, in a statement. “We are making beverages taste and feel better by delivering a softer mouthfeel and refined smoothness, without all the cost and hassle of nitro.” KeyKeg is a designed-for-circularity, sustainable-packaging solution that keeps beverages fresh. The HyJacked method introduces proprietary magnesium granules to any water-based beverage packaged in KeyKeg, turning water molecules into hydrogen bubbles, the company says. KeyKeg’s fitting and laminated, airtight inner bag is crucial to a successful magnesium reaction because it keeps beverages separate from propellant gas, thereby maintaining a balanced infusion and keeping beverages as fresh as the day they were produced, it adds.