BuzzBallz LLC announced its BuzzBallz Eggnog is returning for the 2022 holiday season with wine and spirit-based variations.

The spirit-based Cocktails and wine-based Chillers embody a classic eggnog taste, decadent and rich in vanilla flavor with familiar hints of cinnamon and nutmeg, it says. For a consumer who doesn’t plan to entertain holiday parties or commit to drinking a whole carton or bottle of eggnog, BuzzBallz Cocktails 200-ml and BuzzBallz Chillers 187-ml are the ideal single-serving size to easily enjoy, it adds.

“We found most of the premade eggnog with alcohol to be somewhat harsh,” said Charles Irvin, vice president of research and development (R&D) for BuzzBallz, in a statement. “We played around quite a bit with different spice and cream ratios, but ultimately came up with cocktails that we thought made eggnog better.”

Merrilee Kick, CEO and founder of BuzzBallz, added: “Eggnog is one of the most popular seasonal drinks of all time. Our Eggnog-flavored cocktails are one of the first single-serve options in our industry and will be perfect for holiday parties this year.”

After last year’s limited market release of Eggnog Chillers, BuzzBallz Cocktails Eggnog and Chillers will both get a nationwide release for the 2022 holiday season, the company says.