Living Essentials LLC, the maker of 5-hour ENERGY, announced the release of its three new flavors, adding to the 5-hour lineup of 16-ounce carbonated energy drinks.

OrangeSicle, Pineapple Splash and Tropical Burst are the newest flavors to join the original lineup of Berry, Watermelon and Grape. The new flavors have the same proprietary blend of vitamins, nutrients and 230 mg of caffeine from the 2-ounce shots, the company notes.

“The reception for our new flavors has been fantastic,” said Charlie Cindric, vice president of beverage distribution at Living Essentials, in a statement. “Retailers are looking forward to the entire lineup being available throughout the country.”

Tropical Burst, already a fan favorite in the shot category, combines the flavors of pineapple and apricot for a taste of the tropics, the company says. OrangeSicle combines the juicy taste of ripe oranges and creamy vanilla, while Pineapple Splash combines a sweet slice of pineapple flavor and a splash of coconut flavor, it adds.

The beverage team at 5-hour ENERGY has been working hard to expand their distribution network for the energy drink, it notes. Through local direct store delivery (DSD) distributors, 5-hour ENERGY, now distributed in 42 states is nearing coverage in all 50 states, it says.