San Diego-based Suntide, a family-owned and operated beverage company, announced the launch of its signature canned, ready-to-drink mimosas made with all-natural, simple ingredients. Offered in Classic and Peach varieties, each portable 12-ounce can of Suntide is crafted with 100% real juice and sparkling California wine, delivering a refreshing, California-cool vibe with each sip, it says.

“As we created Suntide, taste and quality were our top priorities,” said Lyda Hanson, founder and CEO of Suntide. “We were especially cognizant when choosing ingredients not to add anything artificial that would compromise the authentic, delightful flavor of the well-loved mimosa.”

Spencer Hanson, chief operating officer of Suntide, added: “As a family-founded business, Suntide represents much more to us than a canned cocktail brand. We put a great amount of time, thought and intention into creating a high-quality product for people to enjoy while doing what they love most, like camping, tailgating, surfing, boating and connecting with loved ones. For us, Suntide is all about toasting to life’s greatest moments.”

The 5.5% ABV Suntide Mimosas are available for purchase at select liquor stores across the San Diego area, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma and Rhode Island, with additional markets to be added in the coming months, the company notes.