ThruWave, a tech startup, announced a new quick start program: ThruWave INSIGHT. The program solves operation issues in a variety of industries, including challenges that occur during manufacturing and outbound shipping. Because many of these problems are difficult or impossible to detect, ThruWave INSIGHT automates the inspection process, the company says. The standalone solution doesn’t require integration to existing applications, it adds. ThruWave INSIGHT scans the conveyor of closed cases and totes, creates a 3D image in real-time, and then analyzes the images to identify anomalies, it notes. “ThruWave INSIGHT is human safe. It requires no additional training, detects materials in addition to metal, and provides product context like condition, contraband, counts and volume at conveyor speeds of up to 600 feet [a] minute,” said Pieter Krynauw, CEO of ThruWave, in a statement. “It can be integrated to existing conveyor and robotic material handling systems for immediate use and operational improvement.” The program also provides on-going, data-driven reports, which “quantify previously undetectable anomalies that are critical to developing countermeasures required for operational and business improvement,” the company says. ThruWave’s program is appropriate and cost effective for those searching for regular analytics to decide whether certain problems are improving or worsening, it adds. The program starts at $4,000 a month with an initial three-month contract.

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