Emerson launched AVENTICS Series Servo Profile Advanced (SPRA) Electric Actuators. The new, versatile line contains precise and highly repeatable rod-style cylinders, it says. Emerson’s actuator line offers three screw technologies, including a precision ball screw, a cost-effective lead screw and a roller screw, the company notes. The ball screw provides durability and accuracy, while the lead and roller screws support precision, speed and heavy loads, it adds. In a statement, Linda Schwartzen, product marketing manager at Emerson’s AVENTICS actuator business, noted that the SPRA actuators “cover most machine automation applications” because of the four sizes and various mounting options. The range of available cylinders allows users in industries like packaging or food and beverage to “configure electric actuators to meet exacting application requirements, such as improved sustainability or efficiency” as opposed to standard approximation. Additionally, online tools are available so users can size and customize electric actuators without software installation or registration. It allows for a direct download of CAD files, which contain information about motor adapters and mounting options. “ … Our online calculation tool and configurator ensures the appropriate implementation and can meet exacting application requirements,” Schwartzen said.

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