Optimum Nutrition (ON), a brand of Glanbia Performance Nutrition, announced the launch of its new Gold Standard Protein Shake.

The ready-to-drink option brings the whey protein powder brand ― Gold Standard ― into a grab-and-go format without compromising quality, the company says. The new, versatile drink option provides the ON standard of delicious, designed to delight in chocolate and vanilla flavors, and formulated with 24 grams of protein in each serving, it adds.

“It’s no surprise with Americans back on-the-go they are looking for high-quality protein solutions to fuel their nonstop pace – whether that's in the gym, on the court, or back to class or the office,” said Alan Brooks, brand director at Optimum Nutrition, in a statement. “With the launch of Gold Standard Protein Shake we aim to deliver a convenient ready-to-drink format that offers the gold standard experience our consumers expect from the leading sports protein brand.”

The shake is fortified with a blend of 24 essential vitamins and minerals including vitamins A, C, D, E and zinc to help support a healthy immune system; calcium to help support healthy teeth and bones; B vitamins to help convert food to cellular energy; and vitamins A, C and E for antioxidant support, the company notes. Gold Standard Protein Shakes, designed for any time of day, as snack or supplement, contain just 1 gram of sugar and total convenience at 130 calories a serving for the vanilla, and 140 calories a serving for the chocolate, it says.

Both flavors come in four-count packs for $8.48 and 12-count packs for $24.99, with select sizes and flavors available in-store at Walmart locations nationwide and online at Walmart.com, Amazon, as well as by visiting the company’s website.