TAZO announces a multiyear transition plan of its tea portfolio to a regenerative organic approach. TAZO is taking the principles of regenerative — a centuries old agriculture approach that gives back to soil health, the ecosystem, and the people who rely on the land — and applying them to the way the brand operates its business, from how TAZO sources ingredients and packaging to where it directs charitable giving and how it treats farmers and workers along the brand's supply chain, it says.

As a first step in TAZO’s regenerative organic transition, the brand is unveiling reformulations of four of TAZO’s original best-selling blends: ZEN, Awake English Breakfast, Chai and Darjeeling. These first-ever TAZO Regenerative blends are:

    USDA Organic Certified

    Made with Fair Trade USA Certified ingredients

    Made with Rainforest Alliance Certified teas

    Made with ingredients grown with verified regenerative organic agriculture practices that help conserve nature and protect biodiversity, such as use of cover crops, monitoring soil health and providing wildlife and pollinator habitat on farms

“TAZO has always been a brand that challenges the status quo, and this regenerative organic transition is no exception,” said Laraine Miller, president of ekaterra Americas, in a statement. “For too long, ‘business as usual’ has been killing our planet. It’s time for every company, including the entire tea industry, to overhaul their means of production to combat climate change and help people and planet thrive.”

One core focus of TAZO Regenerative is the Fair Trade USA certification across ingredients, which helps protect the environment and helps ensure that farmers and workers are treated equitably and receive fair wages, it says.

“When you see our Fair Trade USA Certified label on a TAZO tea box, you can trust that it was made according to rigorous standards that protect the livelihoods of people growing the tea and the environment,” said Paul Rice, founder and CEO of Fair Trade USA. “Fair Trade helps ensure responsible practices and safe, healthy working conditions on the farms where TAZO products are grown, like gender equity for workers and community development funds to address local needs as decided on by the farmers and workers themselves.”

TAZO currently working toward getting its full range of products Regenerative Organic Certified and is a proud ally of the Regenerative Organic Alliance in its pursuit of increased soil health, improved animal welfare, and economic stability and fairness for farmers and workers around the world.

“We are thrilled to work with TAZO on their Regenerative Organic Certified journey,” said Elizabeth Whitlow, executive director of the Regenerative Organic Alliance. ”TAZO’s dedication to invest in their supply chains and support farmers to implement practices to increase soil health and assure fairness to farm workers is completely in alignment with our mission: to heal a broken system, repair a damaged planet, and empower farmers and eaters to create a better future through regenerative organic agriculture.”

To celebrate the launch of TAZO Regenerative, the brand created a video ad that shows how TAZO is taking a regenerative approach to its business ― with a production that used a local crew, natural light, native plants and compostable materials. For every view of the video ad on TAZO’s TikTok account, TAZO will donate $1 up to $250,000 to Rodale Institute, a nonprofit and global leader in regenerative organic agriculture for 75 years. TAZO’s donation will support education, research and farmer training and transition support to regenerative organic agriculture.