This week, Los Angeles-based zero sugar beverage brand Zevia announced a CEO succession plan. The company’s mission is to deliver great tasting drinks with no sugar and plant-based ingredients, and upholding that mission will still be the No. 1 priority during the transition of CEOs.

Paddy Spence has served as the brand’s CEO for 12 years after he acquired the company in 2010, which he said has been a privilege. During his tenure as CEO and member of the Zevia Board, the company has achieved great success, with a 31% net sales compound annual growth rate from 2010 through 2021. Spence noted that he is “extremely proud” of what the company has accomplished.

Spence will still hold his position as Chair of the Company’s Board of Directors. Amy Taylor, President, will succeed Spence as CEO beginning on August 1. Taylor has been a member of the board since March 2021 and as president since June 2021.

“Amy and I have worked side-by-side during Zevia’s transformation, and she has been instrumental in developing and implementing our strategies for driving future growth and profitiability,” Spence said in a statement. “She has been deeply involved in leading the business across sales, marketing, human resources and operations functions.”

In a statement from Zevia, Taylor noted she is “excited and honored” to be Zevia’s next CEO, especially “during such a transformative time for our company with exciting opportunities ahead.”

“I look forward to continuing to work alongside Paddy, the board and the experienced leadership team we now have in place to further strengthen the brand and deliver critical consumer and global health needs, to realize our mission by scaling the business and driving profitable growth and value creation,” Taylor said.