Plus Brand Industries announced the launch of its new alkaline water: Agua Plus. Designed to hydrate, balance and revitalize, Agua Plus is a premium alkaline water that is bottled at a pH of 9+ and undergoes a seven-step purification process that is enhanced with minerals and electrolytes, the company says. Additionally, with the value-added packaging of Agua Plus’ All-Scratch! Technology, consumers are able to scratch their name, initials or a picture right on the bottle’s red-and-white label, which makes the bottle instantly identifiable. This not only solves bottle confusion but reduces excess waste and the transmission of germs and viruses, the company adds. Currently available in four-, eight- and 24-packs of 16.9-ounce bottles, Agua Plus is available to purchase by visiting the company’s website, with more sizes and new functional beverages on the horizon, the company notes.

Plus Brand Industries Inc., Sheridan, Wyo.


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