Detroit native Tyler “Ninja” Blevins rose to esports fame in 2017. As the most-followed Twitch channel, Blevins has over 17 million followers. Now, Blevins has teamed up with G FUEL, The Official Energy Drink of Esports, to bring fans a sweet flavor: Ninja Cotton Candy. The beverage is available at select Walmart stores across the nation.

“There are two things we love to offer fans; first is accessibility, the second is something that’s never been done before, and this checks both boxes,” Blevins said in a statement. “And getting to have my own unique cotton candy flavor? If I was hype to announce the collaboration with Team Ninja and G FUEL, I’m even more so now.”

The ready-to-drink 16 oz can is packed with sweetness of the carnival treat, and it only has 140 mg of caffeine, compared to G FUEL’s typical 300 mg lineup. The energy drink has zero sugar and zero calories, ‘along with proprietary energy and focus-enhancing complexes.’

“Ninja is an entertainment powerhouse, so we needed a flavor that’s just as fun and exciting as he is,” Cliff Morgan, G FUEL’s Founder and CEO, said in a statement. “Ninja Cotton Candy fits the bill perfectly. We can’t wait for G FUEL fans to discover Ninja’s flavor at Walmart stores across the U.S. this summer.”

Fans who purchase G FUEL products at Walmart through August 5 have a chance to win prizes awarded every two weeks by scanning their receipts and entering. Prizes include a year’s supply of G FUEL, a PlayStation 5, an Xbox Series X, G FUEL swag, and more.