During the MODEX tradeshow, OTTO Motors debuted its new autonomous forklift, the OTTO Lifter. The OTTO Lifter, an autonomous mobile robot (AMR), is able to drive nimbly in a crowded and dynamic environment while improving safety in warehouses and facilities. With advanced safety sensors and class-leading autonomous driving capabilities, OTTO Lifter works alongside people, other vehicles and existing infrastructure, providing businesses a safer material handling solution for as low as $9 an hour, the company says. Designed with The OTTO Lifter’s autonomy software, the smart forklift makes intelligent, real-time decisions as it seamlessly navigates traffic and obstacles to predictably and precisely deliver materials to the right place, at the right time. The easy-to-install equipment has a payload capacity of 2,640 pounds and has logged more than 3 million hours of material handling driving experience with zero safety incidents. The autonomous forklift is compatible with the entire OTTO Motors fleet of AMRs and more than 80 integrator partners. 

OTTO Motors, 425 Strasburg Road, Suite 2A; Kitchener, Ontario N2R 1H2; info@ottomotors.com; 844/733-6886; www.ottomotors.com.