González Byass USA is releasing Fundador Sherry Cask Solera Reserva Brandy with a new label and bottle to showcase the brandy’s heritage. 

Fundador is the first ever Spanish brandy produced by Pedro Domecq Lustau, the company says. Its name means founder because in 1874, it was the first brand ever to be marketed as Brandy de Jerez, the company adds.

Nicolás Bertino, CEO and Country Manager of González Byass USA, stated: “We are thrilled to re-release the Fundador Sherry Cask Solera Reserva. As the largest brandy exported from Spain, we felt it was time to bring the bottle into the 21st Century with a new look, but the product is still the delicious Brandy we all know and love.”

Retailing for $21.99, Fundador Sherry Cask Solera Reserva Brandy will transition to the new 750-ml bottle across the United States in June and will soon be available in 1-liter bottles later this year.