Ardagh Metal Packaging - Europe recently launched H!GHEND, a new addition to its customization range, which offers customers brand-enhancing creative opportunities. The company explains that the H!GHEND innovation series adds extra value to the can end, making this area of the pack a newly valuable player in overall branding. The versatile technology allows high quality decoration in CMYK colors on the entire shell surface, meaning brands can highlight, customize and differentiate their cans with maximum visual impact, the company says. Not only does H!GHEND color perfectly match specific color branding, customers can explore H!GHEND images to open up a world of graphics possibilities and can use H!GHEND pro to differentiate special editions or collectables, it notes. Additionally, customization is available for small runs and is flexible to brands’ changing needs. For main pack enhancement and brand reinforcement, H!GHEND color offers advanced full-shell printing in solid or transparent color that can be left pure and simple or upgraded with a colored or special tab for color-based branding at every sip, it says. 

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