Hiperbaric and Petainer partnered to create the first keg for High-Pressure Processing (HPP) of beverages. This innovation offers beverage manufacturers a safe, sustainable and cost-efficient packaging solution, the companies say. The cylindrical shape of the keg fits the vessel of Hiperbaric HPP in-pack units, optimizing the filling ratio and the productivity of the system. In addition, the Petainer kegs and fittings are made of 100% recyclable materials and reduce the carbon dioxide footprint, enabling a sustainable solution. Although not all plastic kegs are compatible with HPP, this new lightweight, easy to handle keg underwent numerous tests at Hiperbaric’s HPP Incubator Center, followed by design changes. The keg’s versatility opens up new market opportunities for retailers and foodservice companies, especially juice bars, looking for alternatives to dispense juice because the Petainer keg enables HPP juices to be dispensed directly from a tap, it says. Although the first application has been HPP cold-pressed juices, the Petainer kegs also can be used for packaging a wide variety of beverages such as carbonated drinks, cold-brew teas and coffee, the companies say. 

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