Agr International Inc. introduced its Gawis 4-D measurement system with robotic handling. Designed to automate a number of critical bottle and preform measurements into a single operation, this new laboratory test system provides a new level of measurement capabilities to support the design, process and quality management of plastic containers and preforms, the company says. Used in conjunction with the Gawis AF robotic handling system, the Gawis 4-D system offers additional flexibility by performing numerous dimensional and thickness measurement operations, typically performed by hand, on individual bottles or preforms into a single hands-free operation, completed in a matter of seconds. The addition of robotic handling maximizes testing throughput while freeing laboratory personnel for other more critical tasks, it notes. Central to the system is a precision pick-and-place industrial robot that manages sample selection and placement of samples into the Gawis 4-D for measurement. For sample management, samples are hosted in a multi-level carousel that is outfitted with rotating tiers designed to positively position samples for robot access. The tiers can be configured to accommodate bottles from single or multiple mold rounds, or a complete mold set of preforms. 

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