Cann-Ade, a cannabis-infused beverage company, launched its hemp-derived water that is flavored and colored only with organic fruit juice, the company notes. The new, Cann-Ade Peach, Lemon and Strawberry-Lime varieties feature 20mg of American-grown, broad-spectrum CBD, is gluten-free, vegan, low calorie and has a two-year shelf life, it adds. Packaged in eco-friendly glass bottles and UV-resistant labels to maintain CBD quality, Cann-Ade's revolutionary, hemp-derived formula has led the brand to deem itself as “Holistic Hydration,” it says. Cann-Ade’s Peach, Lemon and Strawberry-Lime flavors are currently available to purchase in single-flavor 12 packs for $39.96 at the company’s website, with a portion of proceeds from every purchase going to the AMVETS HEAL program, it adds.

Cann-Ade Corp., Carson City, Nev.


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