Dublin-based distiller Pearse Lyons unveiled standout packaging for its limited-edition single malt whiskey. Created by BellaGiada, a new name in the design of packaging solutions for global brands, Liberties Lantern is a luxury pack modeled after the Pearse Lyons distillery — located in the renovated St James’ Church featuring its signature glass spire. With creative design by Harrogate-based agency, harr+bass, the challenge for the constructional design team was how best to showcase the wide shouldered single malt bottle, plinth and distillery spire in a single luxury pack, while accurately mirroring the architectural angles of the stone and glasswork of the spire. The spire, created in transparent PET, followed the exact proportions of the actual spire. Knowing that the spire needed to sit securely on a rigid board plinth, on which the malt whiskey is nestled, the creative team devised a two part mechanism that interlocks the spire with its plinth, using pins that mirror the huge bolts that hold the actual spire in place. The locking mechanism also ensures that the bottle and branding faces front and center, with no vertical movement of the bottle in the pack, therefore reducing the risk of breakages on its retail journey. Additionally, the design is constructed in part with recycled materials, with all materials being 100% recyclable. The pack also highlights the distillery’s commitment to the environment with the use of the green dot to show its financial commitment to the recovery and recycling of packaging materials.