Solabia-Algatech Nutrition is launching 100% natural whole Euglena gracilis algae BioGlena for immune support. This unprocessed source of high-in-demand beta-glucan is suitable for daily use for the whole family. BioGlena is produced using proprietary fermentation technology that ensures a high beta-glucan content (more than 55%) in addition to complete protein plus essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. This next-generation source of beta-glucan is 100% natural and cleanly processed without solvents or additives, the company says. Beta-glucan polysaccharides are touted as nature’s immune-modulator, helping to prime the immune cells and support natural immunity. E. gracilis’ naturally occurring content of a beta-1,3-glucan (called paramylon) is recognized by immune-cell receptors. Preclinical and clinical studies support the positive impact of this microalgae and its beta-glucan on multiple aspects of immunity. The beta-glucan content of E. gracilis is variable and largely dependent on growth condition and medium composition. However, Solabia-Algatech Nutrition managed to develop a multi-patented process for growing the E. gracilis that achieves a consistent concentration of more than 55% beta-glucans in the final product. BioGlena is produced in a technologically advanced facility. The ingredient is recognized as GRAS, boasts a three-year shelf life, and comes in a powder form. Being suitable for dispersible formulations, it can easily be applied to multiple food and dietary supplement applications, including beverages. BioGlena is non-GMO and has kosher and halal certifications.
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