The KHS Group released its Innopack Kisters Carton Nature Packer (CNP). Among the benefits are its ability to process can toppers made of cardboard at a rate as fast as 108,000 cans an hour. With the help of its recently developed CNP machine, the turnkey supplier is establishing an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic in the secondary packaging market. Based on proven technology, the modular design gives customers greater flexibility with a packaging system that is customizable, the company says. Additionally, operators can switch to different cardboard materials or alter the pack size, among other options. The company is noticing that packaging variants are being established as alternatives to single-use plastic, especially in the beer and carbonated soft drink segments, it says. In partnership with Smurfit Kappa, one of the biggest manufacturers of cardboard worldwide, KHS offers cardboard can toppers in two styles: a closed (TopClip) and open (GreenClip) version. The future-proof packaging system is sustainable, consumer friendly and gentle on resources. The cardboard packer also can be used for standard and sleek can formats with can sizes of between 250 and 580 ml. The alternative to classic plastic film or plastic rings also manages various sizes of multipacks containing four, six or eight containers. Another point-of-sale benefit is that adhesive is not used during processing; the pack is kept stable by the punched and folded cardboard topper. As an added option, the CNP machine also can be equipped with a camera-controlled orientation module to enable cans to be precisely positioned within the pack. This gives beverage producers and retailers a number of clear benefits from a product marketing perspective. For instance, the cardboard topper heightens the product’s presence at the point of sale and provides extra space for advertising messages, the company says.

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