In single-serve packaging, LE GRAND VERRE (LGV) has officially arrived on American shores. Envisioned by three French wine-loving friends, Nicolas Deffrennes, founder, Régis Fanget, brand and artistic director, and Valérian Déjours, chief operating officer, the trio dreamt up LGV with one mission: to embody the culture and experience of tasting premium French wines — without the need to open an entire bottle. With packaging designed to make French wines more approachable and take the onus off consumers to navigate the vast breadth of options available to them, the exclusive LGV collection represents France’s best styles, varieties and terroir from predominantly female produced boutique wines in such esteemed regions as Bordeaux, Languedoc and Provence, the company says. Funded by the Burgundy region the award-winning LGV bottles are proprietarily designed and packaged in a modern way to be enjoyed anywhere, anytime — without breaking the bank. Purchased in sets of four ranging from $20-$30, the 6.3-ounce design of each bottle is larger than a typical 6-ounce pour. The packaging also is made from recyclable materials and double-coated to preserve aromas.