Jones Soda Co., Seattle, created a limited-edition, three-flavor Red, White and Blue 12-pack for Costco’s 57 Bay Area locations.

The new 12-pack includes Jones’ Strawberry Lime, Lemon Lime and Berry Lemonade flavors to provide a red, white and blue theme. It joins other variety packs that were introduced earlier this year, including a Fan Faves Variety Pack bundling Jones’ top-selling Cream Soda, Berry Lemonade, Orange Cream and Green Apple flavors, and a Mixer Variety Pack containing Jones’ Cola, Lemon Lime and Ginger Beer targeting today’s craft cocktail and at-home DIY trends.

All of Jones Soda’s variety packs take advantage of the value pricing and pantry stocking preferences of club store customers, the company says. The limited-edition line extension is a continuation of the company’s broader strategic growth plan that has yielded three consecutive quarters of increased revenues and profitability for the company, it adds.

“This Costco placement is a prime example of how our new variety packs support the merchandising and assortment needs of warehouse clubs,” said Mark Murray, president and CEO of Jones Soda, in a statement. “These packs, as well as the special limited-edition flavors we’re now releasing periodically from our archives, are important elements of the broad strategic plan that is successfully returning the company to growth mode.”