Cheers, an alcohol-related health brand, announced the launch of its first-ever beverage offering: Cheers Restore. This new drinks adds to Cheers' lineup of products that help support the liver and feel better the day after consuming alcohol. The new product is a drinkable version of the Cheers Restore capsules, taken either while drinking or following an individual's final drink of the day or night. The beverage's adaptable flavor profile even pairs well with alcohol as an added ingredient or mixer. The key component in Cheers Restore is a natural plant extract called dihydromyricetin (DHM). For the beverage, the team developed a patent-pending permeabilizer technology with collaborators at a top Ivy League university, the company says. By co-administering DHM with capric acid, the permeabilizer temporarily opens tight cellular junctions in the GI tract wide enough to allow DHM to pass through at an increased rate, according to the company. The zero-sugar, gluten-free, lightly carbonated drink comes in Lemon Sherbet flavor, with other options being developed for release in the future. The new Restore beverage is planned to be available in a four-pack for $14.99. Intially available for purchase at select retailers in Houston, Cheers Restore beverages has plans for a national expansion through Amazon, and same-day app-based delivery services such as FastAF.

Cheers, Houston


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