CIR Flexible Packaging and the Barton Group LLC are working together on the patented licensing of the SqueezyStraw Dispensing Pouch. The invention of Lew Barton, the SqueezyStraw Dispensing Pouch is a new technique for producing low-cost, stand-up pouches with a built-in dispensing feature, the company says. The easy-to-use pouch features a simple, embedded dispensing spout within the tapered dispensing corner of the pouch. The lightweight, portable pouch also is easy to produce on a non-die-cutting, standard horizontal thermo-forming fill/seal machine. Additionally, any size and shaped pouch can be produced as long as the equipment is rigged with the patented, customized tooling. This ultra-low-cost option for dispensing pouches is ideal for high-volume production of beverages and other liquid products. The built-in dispensing feature also eliminates the need for other accessories such as a straw or spoon. Other features include tamper evident; freeze and thaw options; microwavable in certain applications; and tear- and puncture-resistant. The flexible packaging dispensing pouch can help beverage-makers bring turnkey, cutting-edge and on-the-go products to the market.

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