Impact Solutions Inc. is celebrating a rebranding to Kelly Anderson Group.  The name change consolidates the six current Impact divisions, which help transportation companies Find, Recruit, Retain, Train and Manage Drivers and Staff.

After spending 10 years working for CFI in Joplin Mo., Kelly Anderson founded Impact Solutions in January 1998. During the past 23 years, the company has evolved into the following divisions: Impact e-Learning, Impact Recruiting, Impact Retention, Impact Management/Coaching, Impact Advertising and Impact Seminars. The company has become the go-to resource for fleets seeking growth and profitability in both the truckload and final-mile sectors.

“We have the same ownership, the same great people, the same culture and are still the same great company, with a new name to bring it all together,” Anderson said.

Kelly Anderson Group offers services to help the transportation industry with its biggest and most relevant pain points: Finding, Recruiting, Retaining, Training and Managing Drivers and Staff.