In celebration of HINE Cognac’s first blend of Antique XO crafted a century ago, the brand launched Antique XO 100th Anniversary 1920-2020 Cognac. With a suggested retail price of $300, the limited-edition cognac is cuvée blended with a 100-year-old eau-de-vie from vintage 1920. Crafted by veteran cellar master Eric Forget, only 1,920 hand-numbered decanters were produced, with 270 allocated for sale in the United States. The cognac also has been preserved in glass demi-johns for a century in the Réserve du Paradis cellar beneath the HINE House, where the 1920 eau-de-vie enriched the original Antique XO with richness and delicate floral notes of iris and lilac, it says. 

Hotaling & Co., San Francisco
Distribution: Select markets, online