Santa Teresa has launched the Santa Teresa 1796 La Trova Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit. The kits were created by Shaker & Spoon in collaboration with Santa Teresa 1796 and Tales of the Cocktail Bartender of the Year Julio Cabrera so allow consumers to create bar-quality craft cocktails at home, it says. To further support the bartending community, Shaker & Spoon is donating 100 percent of the proceeds from the sales of the kits to the USBG Bartender Emergency Assistance Program. Curated by Cabrera, the kit offers all ingredients necessary to make an Old Fashioned with a twist, by incorporating coffee infusions to keep you buzzing through the summer. The kit features Venezuelan rum, rich chocolate bitters, and ties it together with a unique espresso-based cafecito syrup. Consumers need simply to combine the three ingredients and top with a spritz of orange oil and grated coffeehouse beans to enjoy a cocktail from one of the nation’s top bars at home. The limited-edition kit features the ingredients to make eight coffee-infused Old-Fashioned cocktails, including a 750-ml bottle of Santa Teresa 1796, a bottle of cafecito syrup, a bottle of chocolate bitters, bottle of orange oil, a pouch of coffee beans, a jigger for measurement and the recipe card. Available on ReserveBar, the kit retails for $48, which is the same price as a bottle of Santa Teresa 1796, the company says.