Now that it’s the middle of the summer, there’s no better time for fleets to start considering their options for refrigerated trailers and bodies to transport the more heat-sensitive SKUs that are part of the modern distributors’ portfolios.

Additionally, the number of products that require special climate-controlled care continues to grow, especially when it comes to functional/health-and-wellness beverages with perishable ingredients, as well as seasonal and limited-release craft beers that require constant cooling from the brewery to the consumer’s fridge. Here are some of the latest options that will help optimize that journey:

Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co.

Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co. (UTM) offers its patented Utility Aerodynamic Tail (UAT). When paired with low rolling resistant tires and configured on a Utility refrigerated trailer, the combination of the Aerodynamic Tail and Side Skirt are designed to reduce fuel use and aerodynamic drag. The UAT is composed of two black side foils and one single black top foil assembly. The side foils are connected to the swing doors and will deploy and un-deploy when the doors are open and closed. UTM’s reefers offer maximum temperature control and minimal risk of contamination, featuring foam-in-place insulation and a 20,000-pound-capacity aluminum duct floor system.  


Vanguard says its refrigerated trailers have been tested to be 12 percent more thermally efficient than other similar products, offering enhanced corrosion resistance with more standard galvanized components and a triple rear door seal that enhances thermal efficiency. Each trailer is custom-designed to meet a fleet operator’s specific demands and to guard wear points. Options include single- and multi-temperature trailers.

Thermo King

Thermo King’s Precedent line is certified CARB (California Air Resource Board) Evergreen, offering double-digit fuel savings with optimal temperature control and no need for a diesel particulate filter. Each unit in the Precedent line uses Thermo King’s proprietary Diesel Direct Electric (DDE) architecture to drive efficiencies. Additionally, all units come connected from the factory with TracKing, the monitoring system to help fleet managers analyze their refrigerated fleet operations. Fleets can access temperature data and overall performance metrics. Thermo King offers both single- and multi-temperature units.


Hackney’s Polar Bear refrigerated bays are insulated and isolated to offer maximum temperature control. The bays are equipped with swing-out doors to lock in the cold and make it easy for drivers to access products safely and efficiently. Depending on the distributor’s needs — whether keg delivery, case delivery or a combination of both — the Polar Bay line is available in a wide range of bay sizes from 30 to 67 inches. The interlocking, extruded aluminum floors are designed to withstand repeated impact, offering maximum strength and durability to reduce the chance of floor buckling. The units also feature rear enhancements, including standard LED lights, quick-access, theft-preventing hand truck loading compartments and optional bumper guards.

Wabash National

Wabash National’s Kold King truck body promises 25 percent greater thermal efficiency and a smooth, seamless interior liner that provides a brighter, more durable surface. It’s designed to reduce potential leak points and water intrusion and offers a damage-resistant one-piece header system that ultimately reduces downtime, the company says. Options include stainless-steel rear frame and front verticals for corrosion resistance, greater durability and longer life; a wide range of bumpers, side and rear doors and additional insulation; and a variety of insulation levels to meet an array of cargo needs.