Perfect Hydration, an ultra-purified 9.5-pH alkaline water with electrolytes, recently launched three new sizes to its product lineup: a 1.5-liter, one-liter six-pack, and one-gallon bottle. The brand has introduced new sizes and product labels to meet increased consumer demand for clean-tasting alkaline water, the company said.

“Perfect Hydration continues to rapidly gain market share and consumer interest, and our new sizes are a reflection of recent growth,” said Louisa Lawless, Chief Strategy Officer of Stratus Group Duo, LLC, in a statement. “Consumers are drinking more water than ever, but they are increasingly interested in functional products. They get both from our brand and will now have increased accessibility and more options to choose from.”

Each new size also will introduce a revamped product label with a new design, modern coloring and updated text to reflect the product’s hydrating qualities, all incorporated into the familiar bottle shape, the company said.