To make the winter months less atrocious in cold-weather regions, Busch Beer created the Busch Snow Day campaign so, when the snow falls, so does the price of Busch. Between Jan. 1 and March 21, Busch has been tracking snowfall in seven cities across the United States, and with every inch of snowfall until the first day of spring, everyone aged 21 and older in those states is eligible for a dollar off select Busch products. Cities with tracked snowfall are Des Moines, Iowa; Grand Rapids, Mich.; Minneapolis; Fargo, N.D.; Omaha, Neb.; Buffalo, N.Y.; and Green Bay, Wis. Busch Snow Day will measure total accumulated snowfall, so for example, three five-inch snow showers would equal $15 off Busch. They’ve even set up custom interactive billboards paired to NOAA snowfall counts in each city, so Busch fans can plainly see when it’s time to cash in on the frigid weather.