To keep electrical enclosures cool and keep dust out, Pfannenberg USA unveiled its Kinetic System Series air-to-air heat exchanger. The next-generation, easy-to-install cooling technology takes advantage of a cooler ambient environment when closed-loop cooling is required, sealing against gas, humidity and dust, the company says. Designed for indoor, outdoor, remote and washdown applications that require a closed-loop system to protect electronics, the PKS Series heat exchangers cool industrial electrical and IT components that need dust protection. They also are ideal for keeping rain and dust from sensors and drives on outdoor systems, and protecting against corrosion and contamination in the food and beverage industry. Additionally, the technology reduces energy costs by as much as a third of a traditional industrial AC unit. Lightweight and compact, the heat exchanger offers best-in-class cooling capacity per density (CCPD) and because it contains only two mechanical elements, it requires less maintenance and greater uptime.

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