At Pack Expo in Las Vegas, Brenton LLC, a division of ProMach, showcased a new, multifaceted aftermarket program that gives operations personnel the tools and information they need to maintain peak uptime and improve the performance of older end-of-line machines. Designed to increase the flexibility of end-of-line machines, including custom case packaging, palletizing and robotic packaging systems, the aftermarket initiative includes tailored spare parts kits, audits and video-based training, the company says. The custom designed parts kits — the Pneumatic Repair Kit and the Electric Cable Repair Kit — address two of the most common replacement areas on a machine. Assembled and designed with efficiency in mind, the kits come with tailored spare parts and are designed to reduce equipment downtime from days or hours to minutes, the company says. Customers also can request an audit whereby an aftermarket representative will visit the plant for an equipment evaluation. The customer will receive a service report covering the equipment’s operational status and opportunities for improving overall equipment effectiveness. Prepared by PMMI certified trainers, training videos provide the basics of machine operation, can be used for refresher training and are a proactive response to today’s tight labor market and high rates of staff turnover, the company says.

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