For applications that require conveyor flexibility with a smaller footprint to save floor space, Dorner unveiled its FlexMove Helical Plain Bend Conveyor. The FlexMove conveyor provides customers with unlimited configurations, including flat to flat; flat to incline; incline to flat; and incline to incline. These configurations, which also include inclines and declines through corners and straights, provide flexibility for applications involving product buffering especially in corners, the company says. The conveyors are outfitted with a patented side roller chain to reduce corner friction. With a load capacity of 300 pounds and a maximum speed of 180 feet a minute, the FlexMove Conveyors are available in bearing chain and non-bearing chain models with corner angles of 45-, 90-, 135-, 180-, 225-, 270- and 360-degrees. Additionally, the friction chain is recommended for incline and decline angles of 7 to 12 degrees, while the plain chain model is capable of incline/declines angles of up to seven degrees.

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