Sonoma, Calif.-based Meiomi Wines, a wholly owned subsidiary of Constellation Brands Inc., introduced its new marketing platform titled Flavor Forward, as well as a new innovative advertising creative supporting the campaign.

Flavor Forward leverages compelling visuals of Meiomi’s three unique appellations, Sonoma, Monterey and Santa Barbara counties, to illustrate how the flavors of California come together for a taste like no other Meiomi wines, the company says. The new platform is supported by a 360-marketing campaign, including the company’s first foray into TV advertising, it says.

Visual cues, such as inky, black and white images with red graphic overlays grab attention and reinforce the flavor, quality and taste of Meiomi Wines, according to the company. The creative dramatizes the inimitable wine experience and tri-appellation sourcing story of Meiomi, highlighting the earthy undertones of Sonoma, the dark fruit intensity of Monterey and the velvet body of Santa Barbara that set Meiomi Wines apart, it adds.

"Since Meiomi's beginnings, our wines have been made like no other, for a taste like no other," said Jaymie Schoenberg, vice president of marketing for Meiomi Wines, in a statement. "Meiomi Wines have become synonymous with bold flavor and original taste, which has attracted a fanatical following. The new Flavor Forward campaign underscores our signature tri-appellation sourcing and the unrivaled taste experience we create blending the flavors of three premiere coastal California wine regions together. With the launch of this new campaign, we're excited to introduce new wine enthusiasts to the world of Meiomi Wines."

Flavor Forward will be complete with TV advertisements on national cable and will be running throughout November and December. To further support the campaign, Meiomi also will feature digital advertising, retail sampling, experiential events and more.