BrewSavor addresses needs of craft, HOMEBREW industries

NewAge Industries Inc. introduced BrewSavor, a new product line dedicated to tubing and hose for the craft and homebrew industries. Developed to meet the many fluid transfer needs of brewers, BrewSavor products include plastic and rubber tubing, reinforced hose, fittings, clamps and hose assemblies for both hot- and cold-brew processes.

“It’s an industry with very specific needs,” said Joe Linquist, NewAge’s dedicated craft brew specialist, in a statement. “For instance, the temperatures involved with different parts of the brewing process can range from near freezing to boiling. Heavy duty hose is used for transferring large volumes of fluid, but smaller-sized unreinforced tubing can be used for dispensing. The tubing materials are critical, too. No brewer wants to use a product that will give a bad taste or odor to his or her beer.

“BrewSavor tubing and hose products offer fluid transfer solutions for every step of the brewing process,” Linquist continued. “The products chosen for the BrewSavor line were specifically selected because of their flow properties, range of temperature usage, durability, suitability with alcoholic beverages, and because they won’t impact the flavor of the finished product.”

The BrewSavor line includes clear and translucent tubing and reinforced hose for fluid and gas transfer (carbon dioxide, nitrogen), chiller and blow-off lines, mash vessels, brew kettles, tanks and dispensing, including tubing engineered to destroy beer-spoiling bacteria. The line also includes multi-layered hose reinforced with wire for pressure or full vacuum applications.

BrewSavor products are part of employee-owned NewAge Industries, a 65-year-old company committed to continually minimizing environmental impact. NewAge’s headquarters, where most BrewSavor products are manufactured, gets a good portion of its energy from its 1MW rooftop solar panel array installed in 2011, it says. The company is a zero-landfill organization and has taken other steps to reduce its energy usage, such as upgrading windows, lights and motors for efficiency; installing an insulated white “cool” roof; and adding screens to all dock doors to allow natural ventilation, without debris and insects entering the building, resulting in reduced use of exhaust fans on the roof, according to the company. NewAge also has an onsite electric vehicle charging station and recently added on-demand generators to continue servicing customers during power outages.

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