This fall, beverage companies announced limited-edition packaging releases as well as brand refreshes.


Pinkerific partnership

AQUAhydrate initiated a new partnership with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) and donated $10,000 during the month of October. AQUAhydrate promoted the partnership with a limited Pink Handle edition of its gallon package. The AQUAhydrate Pink Handle Gallon was available at Walmart, Safeway/Albertsons, GNC, HEB, military exchange outlets and other retailers during September and October. Through its BCRF partnership, AQUAhydrate is furthering research that brings us closer to a world without breast cancer, it says. This year, BCRF is supporting nearly 300 scientists around the globe who are working to eradicate the disease. “I’m proud to support our new partnership with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, helping to raise awareness for their research in the continued fight against breast cancer,” said health and wellness expert and AQUAhydrate Chief Wellness Officer Jillian Michaels, in a statement.

Fashion statement

Disaronno announced its annual Disaronno Icon Project. This year, the brand will dress the bottle in a limited-edition design by Trussardi, one of Italy’s ultimate heritage houses. The luxury fashion label and lifestyle brand will transform the Disaronno bottle, giving it a dressed up look perfect for gifting this holiday season, the company says. “For years the Disaronno limited-edition bottle has marked an annual highlight, referencing and increasing our brand’s visibility,” said Augusto Reina, Illva Saronno Holding chief executive officer, in a statement. “Disaronno is appreciated across the globe as an emblem of Italian style, and this year we are proud to make a particularly classy, elegant statement with a graphic design that fully reflects our perfectly modern essence.” The bottle is draped in a variation of the traditional leather texture of Trussardi, incorporating the recognized greyhound logo made up of fuchsia, green and blue brushstrokes that frame the Disaronno logo, the company says. The designer collaboration will be available in six mini bottles, packaged in sets of three, each dressed in coordinating looks. Made specifically for fans of the Icon Project, the Limited Edition Collection gift box will include both the Disaronno wears Trussardi bottle and an assortment of six mini bottles, packaged in sets of three. Consumers also can purchase the Celebrate in Style gift box with two Champagne flutes joining the limited-edition bottle. The exclusive, limited-edition 750-ml bottle will retail for $24.99 and the mini sets of three are $9.99 for a pack. The Celebrate in Style gift box will retail for $34.99.

Bright and bold

Stash Tea is celebrating a year of major milestones, including a rebrand unveiled in 2018. The company has redesigned its packaging while continuing to roll out in tea aisles across the country. Leaning on the company’s long-standing commitment to flavor, quality and creativity, the brand’s new look centers around bright colors and bold ingredient imagery representative of key tasting notes, it says. Nami Yamamoto, chief executive officer for the company, noted that the aim of the rebrand was to rethink not just how the packaging looks on store shelves, but how to better communicate Stash’s long-standing core values to the consumer. “Giving the ingredients center stage emphasizes our commitment to using only natural, healthy ingredients to create delicious and unique flavors,” Yamamoto said in a statement. “As we evolve as a brand, our hope is that we continue to excite consumers to explore the incredible world of tea that inspires us every day.” One challenge of the brand refresh was bringing Stash’s 46-year heritage into today’s modern market. The existing compass rose logo was streamlined and adorned with tea leaves — establishing a new visual identity while maintaining the brand’s adventurous and worldly spirit, the company says. The compass is meant to inspire consumers to look to their daily cup of tea to help them find their “true North” and a sense of balance in today’s busy world, it adds.

Versatility inspired

Everclear Grain Alcohol unveiled a new, sophisticated packaging, illustrating the product’s versatility for consumers, it says. The new look will flow into markets nationwide later this year. “We are excited to introduce Everclear’s new look nationwide,” said Katie Schuette, brand manager, in a statement. “Through this packaging, our goal is to encompass the simple, high-quality and versatile nature of the product. The brand’s new look is clean and modern — while still maintaining the iconic logo — and more in tune with the way consumers and mixologists use the product in the current craft cocktail culture.” The new look was created by designer David Cole. He applied a bold and clean design, making the label easier to read in a retail environment and drawing attention to the brand name and key features of the product, it says. “Overall, the aesthetic is modern, yet timeless, with some minor apothecary influences to suggest the purity of the product,” Cole said. “We definitely wanted to maintain the iconic diamond logo that many have come to recognize.” The modernized packaging lends itself to the Make It Your Own by Everclear online hub, promoting responsible consumption and creative brand usage, the company says.

Pretty in pink

Intelligent Blends, a single-serve coffee and beverage company, has launched a year-long “coffee with a cause” campaign with the introduction of its hashtag #PinkPods, a new variety in the Maud’s Coffee & Tea’s line. In partnership with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF), the first “coffee for a cause” initiative in the coffee pods category was created specifically for BCRF fundraising. Intelligent Blends will make a $2 donation for every 36-count box of Maud’s #PinkPods sold. Maud’s #PinkPods feature a specially designed alternate logo and BCRF branding on the lid of each pod, which contain 11 grams of the Maud’s In the House Blend. “Drinking coffee is a blissful experience, and with #PinkPods it can now be a vehicle through which Intelligent Blends and our consumers are doing good by raising both awareness and funds for BCRF efforts,” said Michael Ishayik, president and founder for Intelligent Blends, in a statement. “By partnering with BCRF, we are tapping into peoples’ daily habit of drinking coffee and fighting breast cancer one cup at a time.” Maud’s #PinkPods are eco-friendly and 100 percent recyclable, and now are available for purchase at, along with Intelligent Blends’ other brands.